has scored some video taken surreptitiously on the set of Iron Man, and the footage shows a few precious seconds of the Iron Man suit in motion – nothing too spectacular, but you can see that this costume is well made and mobile. Of course these few seconds of footage are buried in 2 minutes and 40 seconds of blurry pans and jiggly motion, all set to a remix of the Mission: Impossible theme song. Oy vey.

The spy also talks about some of what he saw being filmed that day, which appeared to be the climactic battle between Iron Man and Iron Monger (is this really the name of the villain in the movie? He mongs iron?) on a freeway. Iron Monger wasn’t there, but there was a guy in big boots holding a big stick with a cardboard cut out, which is likely the CGI stand in for the character.

Click here to see the video and more photos from the set. Stick through the whole video for a ‘No YouTube’ message from IESB, saying it’s illegal to run that video anywhere else without their permission. As a big fan of irony I like this kind of a message coming from a scoop-oriented site whose stock in trade is legally grey leaks of scripts and images, as well as video like this, which was taken by a spy who was trying really hard not to get busted by security, meaning he was fully aware he should not have been taking that footage.