as I want to tell you Liv Ullman has been cast as Betty Ross in the Louis Leterrier angry green man reboot, currently titled The Hulk Who’s Okay with His Father Who Doesn’t Resemble Nick Nolte, I’m afraid the sixty-eight-year-old muse of Ingmar Bergman is too old and just too goddamn Norwegian to pull of the role of a general’s daughter (also nixed: Leslie Stefanson). Cast in Ullman’s stead will be Liv Tyler, spawn of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and highly affordable star of not a whole lot (though she’s been decent in a number of supporting roles).

For those of you trying to use this as a litmus test for whether The Incredible Hulk will be the greatest film ever made or slightly better than The Punisher (does it matter which one?), I think you need to wait until this production finds its Thunderbolt Ross. If they were smart, they’d recycle Sam Elliott and just have him grow a beard to go with the mustache he sported in the last movie. But my sources are telling me Avi Arad is dead set on Lenny Henry, aka "The British Eddie Murphy", after a chance Cinemax viewing of True Identity several weeks ago. Don’t act like I’ve ever been less than forthright with you!

The Incredible Hulk will begin shooting this summer in Cheapland, Ontario, and will star Ed Norton as Bruce Banner, the scientist who turns big and… most likely green when he gets peeved. Universal Pictures will once again distribute, and hope they make a worse movie that makes more money than Ang Lee’s unjustly maligned Hulk.