Criss-cut Pud.Come July 20th, if you don’t get enough of The Simpsons on a steady diet of weekly escapades and ever-present syndicated reruns, hopefully you can fill up on 90 minutes of a beefy The Simpsons Movie.

In the mean time, take a Simpson family tour with six character posters that look like they could easily fit on the poster rack of Spencer’s Gifts circa 1990-something. A sampling is here, revealing Bart’s junk can be easily hidden behind a criss-cut French fry. Or maybe it is a criss-cut French fry.

Just 2 years shy of 20 years in the making, The Simpsons Movie continues its evolution from Bart Land to the Homer Simpson Showcase, as the Simpson patriarch is forced to save the world from a disaster he unwittingly created. Plot details have been etherial (and does it matter?), but there’s no doubt you’ll get burping, donut scarfing and plenty of sociological humor heaped up in PG-13-ey shovels full.

The Simpsons still have legions of die-hard fans (including the whole IT department of my day-time employer), but is it really popular enough to bring notable success to the film version, or is this a niche movie waiting to return niche dollars via a kiss on the quish to its fans? Early test screenings in Oregon have garnered mostly praise, but just like tracking numbers, will that really translate to glute-parts in seats when the time comes?

Prognosticate away, wait until July or just observe the other posters which can be found surrounded by Cyrillic here.