My David O. Russell film viewing is sadly lacking, as the only film of his I’ve seen was Three Kings in the theater, but I was pretty impressed with that. I still need to see The Fighter, and his shelved project, Nailed, is pretty well known around film circles, but David O. Russell already has another film lined up. The title?

American Bullshit.

Yes, that’s the title thus far, and you can bet your ass it will change. He’d been courting Christian Bale to take a role in the film, so they could continue the magic they had created in The Fighter, but Bale had to drop out, and he’s been replaced by the equally talented and great Jeremy Renner. Amy Adams has also joined the cast (so Russell has at least one Fighter alumnus among his cast so far) as “Partner and Mistress” to a character that Bradley Cooper is in talks to take.

The basic plot has also been revealed.

The script was written by Eric Warren Singer and is based on a true story. The story is about a FBI sting operation called “Abscam” that was carried out in the 1970s. The mission ended up being a complete success and actually resulted in a senator and five house members being convicted for crimes that they had committed.

Abscam. Now THAT is a good title that the film should take.

source: Cinema Blend