changed costumes four times at this year’s Grammy Awards, which means she changed her clothes more times in a night than I do in some weeks. And according to Freeze Dried Movies Tony Stark is giving her a run for the money in Iron Man, changing costumes at least three times.

We’ve seen the first suit, the big iron bathtub outfit. And this week we saw the main Iron Man suit, a very nice red and gold number perfect for casual superhero battles as well as Stark Industries functions. But is there a third? Freeze Dried thinks so, but they don’t have much else by way of info; ie, they don’t seem to know what the suit looks like, when he wears it, what it’s for, etc.

This isn’t actually that surprising – first of all, Iron Man has changed his costume more than any other super hero, with the possible exception of The Wasp. Second of all, every time Tony Stark has a new costume in this film there’s a new toy to sell. And on top of that I have to assume that the big final battle will see Stark upgrading to a very new, very high-tech armor, possibly after having the main suit destroyed in a nail-biting end of second act fight scene.

I just hope that Favreau throws fans a bone and has the third Iron Man costume contain his most beloved accessory – roller skates. (Google is failing me in an attempt to find a picture of Iron Man on skates. Help!)