The bookThe Dark Horse comics anthology series Dark Horse Presents, was the launching point for quite a few properties that finally made it into filmdom. Both Hellboy and Sin City cut their teeth in the black and white anthology, while other notable comic titles like Concrete gained their popularity in its pages. The format ended in 2000 and now, 10 years later, The Ark, one of the stories contained in the 1998 annual, has been picked up by Columbia.

Mark Verheiden, who currently writes for Battlestar Galactica and was once part of the writing core at Dark Horse, has been called back to give his story The Ark, a film treatment. Based around a UFO crash steeped in the Noah’s Ark story, the story is an interesting one. Whether that leaves you intrigued based on his Smallville or Battlestar work, or leaves you uninterested based on the fact he did Timecop, is up in the air.

There’s no shooting date or director attached and with Verheiden recently hopping on board to write, so it may be safe to not expect anything for a while.