Hey guys! Enough small but interesting or cool things have piled up around the coming release of The Dark Knight Rises that I thought it would be worth dumping them all together so you can peruse and enjoy.

I see the film tonight, so if you’d like the first CHUD reaction, come back by the site bright and early tomorrow morning. You can also get into the discussions of the film already churning on our message boards…

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I’m not going to be running down the reviews so far, fake Rotten Tomatoes controversies, or the fanboy response in an attempt to contribute as little as possible to the pissing-in-our-own-mouths urinary ouroboros that gets created on film blogs around an event film like this.

Just cool stuff…


Olly Moss’ TDKR & Mondo’s Open-Edition Screenprint

Ever wanted a Mondo poster but couldn’t get in before the 20-second sell out? Well here’s your chance as Mondo unleashes their first open-edition print, meaning that anyone can buy a poster today before midnight, and the print-run will be determined by the number of orders.

I’ll say though… I do wish I liked this poster more. Still, if this floats your boat, then go snag an inked up slice of tree that will still ultimately be a limited-edition, super cool piece of art.

Here’s where you can get it TODAY (July 18th) ONLY.


The Girl With The Batman Tattoo Trailer

As tired as it has become to do Dragon Tattoo-style trailers, I must say this is probably my favorite fan-cut TDKR trailer I’ve seen. It really just speaks to the excellence of the original trailer’s structure and Reznor/Karen O’s take on the Immigrant Song, but still, cool shit…



Where To Find Real IMAX Theatres

I tweeted and mentioned a dynamic list of legitimate IMAX theaters carrying TDKR in a previous article about upgrading an IMAX theater, but now WB has created a handy, easily accessed list of 15/70 (15 perf, 70mm film) equipped theaters at the Batman site.


Check it out. If you can manage a trip to one of these theaters (and can manage a ticket in the next two weeks!) then it will be worth your trip to see this in the actual 70mm format in which it was (partially) shot. Digital IMAX is a little bigger, a little brighter, and with a lot better sound, but there’s no replacing the pristine quality of 16,000 theoretical horizontal pixels running through vacuum-sealed projection from a 12k watt bulb, nahmean?


Nolan’s Bat-Trilogy As Magic Trick Trailer

This is an oldie but a goodie. One of the first and still most clever fan cuts of the TDKR trailer, this one fits together the Nolan Bat trilogy with the director’s obsession with structure as elucidated in The Prestige. There are some painfully on-the-nose edits, but overall it’s rather effective.


You Can Still Hear The Entire TDKR Score Online

At least the vast majority of it! The Hans Zimmer soundtrack still sits legitimately at Empire, where you can get a deep tease of the roller-coaster in store for you…

Give it a listen.

You can also buy it from CHUD here.


TDKR Re-Voiced On The Jimmy Fallon Show

Jimmy Fallon contributed to the always-growing number of TDKR trailer parodies, but this one is mercifully short and to-the-point about its joke. Give it a listen if you haven’t already… the surprise is worth it.


The Dark Knight Rises 150 Feet!

Check out this super-cool blog from a guy who lives across from a building in NY that is treated to brand new hand-painted one-sheets for film releases every six weeks or so. As they began to paint the TDKR poster, he actually cataloged their process and spoke with the craftsmen involved. It’s a fascinating look at a very unique bit of movie advertising that keep s a few highly-skilled painters uniquely employed.

Check it out…


Batman: The Animated Series Cast Makes a TDKR Tease

I’ll go ahead and say upfront that this turns out about half as cool as it sounds, but the voice cast of Batman: The Animated Series got together and recorded the dialogue for the TDKR trailer to advertise a marathon of the show running on The Hub.

It’s ultimately kind of flat because they don’t have any real sound effects and only a facsimile of the score to back them up, but really anything bringing attention to the series is a good thing.


Every Theatrical Batman Trailer, Ever!

Scott Mendelson was so kind to painstakingly collect most ever theatrical Batman trailer for the last two-and-a-half decades on his blog, if you care to go take a stroll through teasing history.

My favorite is this painfully awkward and poorly cut Batman Forever trailer…


Hitting A 12:01 IMAX Showing? Grab Your Bane Poster.

Here’s the poster being handed out to attendees of IMAX Midnight showings of TDKR. If you’re really in love with this image of Bane, I’m sure you could show up to a theater sometime on Thursday or perhaps the next day and grab one. They tend to print such an enormous amount of the these midnight giveaway posters that I often see them sitting in stacks on a table by the entrance for weeks after.

That said, I wouldn’t expect these to sit around quite so long, so don’t tarry about.


…that’s it till my review! Good luck to everyone braving midnight or opening weekend showings!