It’s about time we got around to gushing about one of the many stories that got wrapped up in Comic Con without really having anything to do with the event- the greenlight of the third “Blood & Ice Cream” film from Edgar Wright!

The long-gestating project has a script from Wright and Simon Pegg that was finished (at least the first draft) a while ago, and now Universal has pulled the trigger on a greenlight and let out the first poster for The World’s End.

Pretty sweet!

The poster is made up of Pub names as the film follows five reunite friends as they attempt to re-stage an epic pub crawl that defeated them in their youth. As one might expect, things get out of hand, and larger forces become involved that begin linking the success of the crawl to the fate of mankind. How and through what mechanisms this becomes the case is totally unclear.

Here’s what we do know about the film, from Simon Pegg himself mostly from an interview with IGN last month.

• The film is “much darker than anything we’ve done before, but also as, if not more, silly as well. It’s the stuff of 40-year-old men’s minds.”

• It’s not a genre parody! At least, Pegg claims it isn’t in the same sentence as he splits hairs about Shaun of the Dead not being a parody. He calls that film a “comedy that happens to be a zombie movie,” and suggests Hot Fuzz‘s parody comes naturally out of the characters.

All of that is true, but I think the larger point is missed in that The World’s End could be a “comedy that happens to be an apocalypse film” or whatever and still fulfill people’s expectations of it fitting in with the genre-specific expectations they have of the trilogy. So I guess that’s still up in the air.

• Regardless of its classification, expect it to still be pretty mean and sophisticated. “We still want to make a film that’s challenging to an audience, it’s not going to be a sort of huge, facile crowd-pleaser, it’s going to be what we usually do, which I like to think is a little more challenging than… Battleship.”

So that’s what we have for now. Pegg has also mentioned learning some lessons about secrecy from JJ Abrams, so I wouldn’t expect Wright or Pegg to let loose with details easily, any time soon.