Up above is the awesome Pacific Rim panel, the gist of which I ran down for you over the weekend. It lacks the actual footage from the film, so you can read up on that first if you’ haven’t already, but it dumps a whole heap of Guillermo Del Toro awesomeness on you all the same. You’ll hear him speak of “waiting in line for months” to make the project happen, of “developing [the film] like fans,” along with all the details about how he’s bringing his “Jaegers” to life. Not to mention, there’s something about his adorable obscenities that just work so much better coming his mouth rather than a quote.

I noticed this over at AICN where Harry evangelizes on the idea of SDCC doing simulcasts of these panels for fans to watch along with in outside world. I don’t see that happening anytime soon (certainly not while the con is still growing so quickly), but I too would like to see the Con make more formal efforts to shoot and archive these things (something they’re probably already doing), but perhaps with the addition of a curated YouTube page. Make it clear that, say, a week after the con ends you’re going to dump out all the panels. Maybe start by trickling out the small ones that agree to it.

Obviously studio permissions would have to be navigated, but it feels like that might be one way of flattening out the SDCC curve a bit, so it’s not an intense frenzy for a few days that is strip-mined of info and then forgotten almost immediately.

I’m sure many of the great panels from last weekend will make it online soon, so keep an eye out if there’s one you’re especially curious about. Anything with Guillermo is obviously huge, but I’ll toss any other major ones up if I feel they’re worth your 30+ minutes.