At his core Thomas Jane is just a big fanboy, just like the rest of us.  Within fandom there is a subgroup that takes it upon themselves to create fan films about their favorite characters and it seems Jane is a member…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my inner fanboy is screaming that someone needs to lock Kevin Feige, Thomas Jane, and a bunch of HBO execs in a room together.  They can come out once a deal is made.  Marvel has been itching to do a Punisher television series ever since they got the rights back from Lionsgate.  They tried with Fox, but no one was happy with the concept that was developed and the studios parted ways.  Jane gets the character and is obviously willing to play Frank Castle again.  Let him!

As for HBO?  Well, what better place for a potential Punisher TV series?  The fact that Jane already has a relationship with them from doing Hung for three years is an added bonus.  This unauthorized short is already spreading like wildfire across the internet with a massive positive reaction.  You want to know what you should do with The Punisher now that he is yours again, Marvel?  This is it.  Make it happen.

Source | Moviehole