Gun. Boobs. Spiderweb.Thanks to one Mr. Smokin Joe (Carnahan that is), we’re getting word that workaholic Robert Rodriguez didn’t waste any time post-Grindhouse and has put together a possible teaser for Sin City 2, which revolves around the plot from the A Dame to Kill For books.

Sounds like it’s going to make many a dudes pants shrink at the site of it, not unlike what a black and white and ropin’ Jessica Alba did a few years ago. In Joe Carnahan’s own words:

"Robert Rodriguez stopped by the office yesterday and showed me what may become the teaser for ‘SIN CITY 2′ and HOLY SH*T is it something. I don’t want to let any cats out of any bags, so all I can say is there’s not a hetero male moviegoer alive that’s not going to deeply DIG that spot. Remember, he’s doing ‘A Dame To Kill For’ and brother has he got it."

Hopefully we’ll all be seeing what he’s got in the near future. In the mean time, invest in some pleats.