Yesterday, the self proclaimed “King Of Comic Con”, Robert Downey Jr. showcased a reel of footage for the hotly anticipated Iron Man 3. From what I’ve read, and will relay to everyone reading this, it’s pretty incredible.

• The first piece of footage has Tony Stark in his lab listening to Run DMC’s “Christmas In Hollis”, which pretty much means that much like most of Shane Black’s filmography, this film will be set in Christmas, and this writer has no problems with that. The practically owns the Christmas setting in action movies. Tony Stark has a new way to get the Iron Man armor on, he tries to summon his armor with his body. First it doesn’t work, then a glove and various other pieces of armor attach themselves to him. The back plate hits him really hard though, he starts to take a spill, but in true Tony Stark fashion, he is able to use the propulsors on his gloves to right himself back up. The final piece is of course the mask, and according to the source article, he has to fly and flip and he ends up in the classic Iron Man pose.

• The second bit of footage is the longest full scene, and features Jon Favreau as Happy, Tony Stark’s bodyguard/chauffeur. He talks about quitting (interesting topic isn’t it?) because he’s getting a lot of shit from his friends for being “The protector of Iron man”, and he mentions his Grandma living in New York City and jumping out of a second story window after seeing a giant robotic snake coming out of the sky. So there are references to The Avengers in there. Happy also says that Tony Stark is “One of the Super Friends.”

After that, it’s a series of montages including the following…

Pepper Potts picking up a battered Iron Man mask from some rubble.

The Stark Mansion gets bombarded by missiles from an attack helicopter, and the mansion goes tumbling into the Pacific ocean with Tony and Pepper in it.

Guy Pearce shows up, well dressed, and addresses an audience with “Ladies, children, some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: there is no such thing as heroes.”

Finally we get the title Iron Man 3, and it fades to black. This being basically a trailer, of course there’s one final scene after the title.

The scene features a man with a gray beard, and cocking a pistol. The pullback reveals SIR BEN KINGSLEY AS THE MANDARIN.

Pretty sure we’ll see some of this footage in a teaser or a trailer some time in the next few months before Christmas.

Iron Man 3 will rocket into theaters on May 3rd of next year and wash away the thoughts of the major let down that was Iron Man 2.

You can get more descriptions of the footage shown at Cinema Blend.