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Good on Entertainment Weekly! They’ve labored so long in the trenches of the fandom subculture amidst the sweaty hardcore fans it’s nice to see them finally get redemption in the form of an exlcusive image! I remember sitting at a rickety table at Atlanta’s Dragon*Con convention in 1999 next to EW’s ramshackle table going over how we wished the internet would get a little respect.

Good thing they landed this exclusive image, because imagine their readership without it!

But where were they with Decoys 2 exclusives I ask? Nowhere.

I’m just bitter, that’s all. Scoops shouldn’t be passed down at a corporate level. That’s my opinion. My opinion is also that Jon Favreau’s Iron Man film will be better than most all of the Marvel superhero flicks based on talent and the mindset of involved parties so anything which furthers the anticipation and recognition of the property is a good thing, this included.

Hey Jon, throw some greasy Eye-Tie’s a bone now and then!

The first full image of Stan Winston’s suit of armor has been shared and it’s all sorts of cool. There’s no doubt Mr. Winston will have ample reasons to mention his own name a few hundred more times thanks to the really spiffy red and orange "Robocop meets Michael Rooker" design. It has a perfect blend of comic book panel recognition and Hollywood practicality, something that shouldn’t irk fans who have seen dozens of tweaks to the design.

It’s a very stout piece of work and I personally cannot wait to see Tony Stark’s bender puke dripping through the mouth hole.