Marvel was definitely cooking at San Diego Comic Con this year having debuted a ton of footage, confirmed projects left and right, and put on some apparently impressive panels. It won’t be long before I have a more detailed rundown of what was announced, released, and shown, but for now take a look at the print-fresh logos of all five Post-Avengers projects Marvel featured at the con. You can click on any of them to expand.

Iron Man 3, the logo for which sits mighty above, will hit theatres on May 3, 2013, while Ant-Man below remains release date-less. The other three logos sport their release dates, with Thor 2: The Dark World hitting next year on November 8th, while Captain America: The Winter Soldier (!) and Guardians of the Galaxy release in 2014 on April 4th and August 1st respectively.

Check back soon for more details on these projects and their panels, as well as looks at what Warner Brothers and Quentin Tarantino hit con-goers in the face with.

Source | Marvel