More great stuff coming out of Comic Con in the way of a 4 minute and 10 second trailer that shows a lot of awesome stuff, and a premiere date. October 14th. Along with the fact that the plan is to once again break the show into 2 parts.

However, unlike the really shitty decision to cut Breaking Bad into 2 parts with one shown this year, and the other shown next year, this will be just like Season 2, and have the second half start up in February, with the first half ending in December.

Robert Kirkman is also committed to writing 2 episodes. The mid season finale, as well as an unspecified episode in the second half of the season. The new Showrunner Glen Mazzara also says that they have a “Great tight story” to tell. This is good news, as we can expect the show to hopefully be faster paced, and not too slow like the first half of season 2, that although I enjoyed it, it shouldn’t have been as drawn out with the “Where’s Sofia!?” subplot as it was.

Here’s the action packed trailer with Michonne, The Governor, Herschel with a righteous beard, Daryl being incredible as always, and MERLE.

source: Bloody-Disgusting