Rush Hour 3We’ve been unloading trailer after trailer for big summer films lately, but how could this be complete without the biggest of them all? The biggest load, that is.

It’s Rush Hour time again. That means plenty of lowbrow racial humor and slapstick martial arts scenes to spare. That also means Chris Tucker finally realized he could only stretch the paycheck from the last one but so far before he had to refill the coffers as he’s done absolutely nothing else since then. What’s surprising by the look of this trailer is how little effort went into this third installment. These films have never been bastions of inspired humor or plotting, but at least part two tried to add some resonance with the film’s bad guy having a rather personal connection to Jackie Chan and his family. Here, they’re just…back in Paris for whatever reason and some stuff happens. Max Von Sydow cashes a paycheck. The French get shat upon. James Hong heads up a "Who’s on First"-cribbing sequence that is a black hole of funny involving the Chinese names "Yu" and "Mi"…you get the point. Best of all, this trailer just kinda spilled out onto the Net. Instead of a gala premiere at Apple or Yahoo with multiple choices for format sizes, it’s in crappy quality on a random site. Rather appropriate, actually.

UPDATED: This hits theaters August 10, and now it’s up at Apple, so punish your Quicktime
right here.