Why you buggin', Girl?So you may have heard about Bug. You may even be anticipating its release later this month. [Note from Devin: You should be – it’s really good!] The one-sheet that’s been attached to the movie (see it now!) has been an icky "Something’s under that dudes skin and it spells BUG!" poster, obviously inspired by Saw. To whet you appetite for paranoia thrillers with a little self-mutilation thrown in for fun (which, incidentally, is getting the film labeled as horror), Lionsgate has released a couple new one sheets for you to gawk at so you’ll understand this isn’t Saw 4.

One features a so very hip "grunge" illustration (pictured at right) with Ashley framed up like an insectoid Grammy brooch. The other features an Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon overlay (get it? He’s in her head!) that reminds me of a lot of 70’s psychedlia-inspired posters that made me sick to my stomach as a kid.

You can view a beefy hi-res version here, and stare lucidly at the other here.

Bug hits theaters May 25th and gets a full prognostication in the up ‘n’ comin’ May edition of the CHUD Prognosticator, which is going to pummelize your flabby ass cheeks in a matter of a few short days.