Lovely.Last week, we reported on an upcoming film that, judging by the message board responses we received, many of you can’t wait to see:  South of the Border. Oh, sorry! That’s Grizzly Park. South of the Border is the one no one gave two craps about. Unless you’ve suddenly developed an interest in movies about hotel heiresses and the pups that flee them, this update might garner the same interest.

The pooping critter in your handbag phenomenon is thankfully waning, but South of the Border continues to gear up for a cuddly tail involving just that. The lovely "I was a contender for a couple weeks" Piper Perabo (and still could be, swears Jeremy!) will be starring as the girl who lost her dog in Mexico.

And that kind of makes me sad. Perabo continues to define her career with roles usually taken by fading thesps twice her age. I guess that’s called making a career out of bit parts (which pays the bills – the girl’s had no problems lining projects up), or the hyper-successful Samuel L. Jackson "take anything thrown at you" approach.

There’s still no official start date on the project, but you can be sure I’ll keep you posted.