I wouldn’t put Dexter on the level of all-time cable greats such as Breaking Bad, The Sopranos or (my personal favorite) The Shield. It’s a show with a terrific premise that, after six seasons, has experienced a fair amount of highs and lows. While Season 4’s inclusion of John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer was a hallmark for the series, Season 6’s Colin Hanks (brother of the Chet Haze) infused plot was bushleague trash – with a conceit that the audience telegraphed 10 episodes before the showrunners saw fit to reveal.

But it got us to a moment fans have been waiting for since the show’s beginning – Dexter’s sister Deb has finally caught him in the act. So here’s the first two minutes of the next season thanks to Showtime and Comic Con. Being the sucker for punishment that I am, I’m going to wait for the September 30 premiere. But since we here at CHUD like to share, I’m passing it on just in case: