Awesomenauts is a game that combines the best aspects of Monday Night Combat with the best aspects of something like Team Fortress 2, while reducing the carnage to a 2-D level.

Being reductive in this case is not a bad thing, however; as the animations are crisp, the action hectic and the character incredibly charming. Luckily for fans, two new Awesomenauts are being released by Ronimo Games and you can have them for the low, low price of FREE.

Coco, a lovely purple dame (and first female Awesomenaut) hails from a race of psionic aliens. Think of her as a melee character, though she does possess some other exciting abilities, as well.

Derpl is the nephew of Blabl Zork, president of Zork Industries (in-game mega corporation backing the Awesomenauts). He rides a combat walker and is best-suited for medium range engagements, and also happens to lack any semblance of intellect.

Ronimo has done a great job supporting their title with patches and updates. I, personally, adore the game, and you should give it a go. Awesomenauts is currently available on PSN and Xbox Live.

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