Glare-ey Palms. Over the last few weeks, a continuous drip of Iron Man bits and pieces have been revealed. Devin caught the old-school (excuse me – Mark 1) suit. Nick caught the USA Today reveal of a hunger-striking Tony stark with glowing chest.

Glowing chest? Old-school suit? WTFH!?

Iron Fans know the latest pic is just ol’ Tony working on the Mark 1 suit that debuted in Tales of Suspense when Mr. Stark went to kick some Viet Cong (or is it now Iraqi?) ass. Undoubtedly, images of the souped up version of Tony Stark’s exoskeletal wonder are being held back, but can still be prototypically viewed to some extent thanks to the Paramount poster which debuted in July last year (pic’d at right). But don’t take my word for it: Leave it to John "The CHUD Endeared" Favreau to jump on the speculation via the Iron Man blog:

Let me confirm a few things: The movie will contain both the gray suit and the gold and red. The light you see in the photo on Robert’s chest in the USA Today article is the chest piece glowing through his shirt. He is in captivity and forging the mask of the Mark 1.

Both suits have been built practically by Winston Studios and are busily at work as we speak. We are exploring ideas for teaser trailers, though no date has been decided. We are planning to attend San Diego Comicon. Bridges is bald and plays Stane. The movie is on schedule and could not be going better.

Hot dowg! I’m not super knowledgeable with the Iron Man universe, but damned if I don’t know Favreau kicks hind-parts from here to there with his knack on how to make a crowd pleaser (even if no one saw the incredibly underrated delight of Zathura) and there’s no question I’m looking forward to a year from now when Favreau unleashes Iron Man upon a (hopefully) anticipatory public.