Walter Hill’s last film was Undisputed back in 2002, before he hooked up with demi-god Sly Stallone to do Bullet To The Head which is coming out next year. It seems he’s gotten the directing bug, because he’s apparently going to do a complete 360 from what he normally does, action films, and will be remaking Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.

I find this really interesting, even though I haven’t seen the film yet (I know I know. It’s a classic that I need to see.), I know enough about it to know that this is way out of his Southern Comfort zone. He’s never done a horror film. The closest he’s come is with the sci-fi flop that he disowned, Supernova (it’s really not that bad, I saw it in the theater when it came out and I dug it.), as well as Southern Comfort, since the swamp people are basically ghosts, and you don’t really get a good glimpse of them until the end.

So this will really be something to watch if it ends up shooting. Hill already has the blessing of director of the original film, Robert Aldrich’s family, and his daughter, Adell will be producing the film with Walter Hill.

source: The Wrap