So Christopher Neil is an extended member of the Coppola family (his Dad is a brother-in-law of Francis) and it was through this connection that he landed a very odd gig: he was the “dialogue coach” Lucas brought in to essentially direct the acting of the third Prequel Star Wars film while he… sat down, I guess. Guys he was tired!

In any event, Neil has put together the first directing project of his own, and the trailer above gives us our first, very precious look at Goats. The film stars Graham Phillips, David Duchovny, Vera Farmiga, and Ty Burrell, and I think you’ll know right away if this is the kind of indie film for you from the trailer. Duchovny certainly has a wacky beard and Farmiga is interestingly dressed down yet beautiful, but there are a few too many non-jokes punctuated with goat sounds in this trailer for my taste.

I’ll be interested to see how the acting turns out!