Hey guys, Comic Con is starting to gear up and with it will come a deluge of trailers, images, news flashes, and other geeky miscellanea. It all started yesterday with the preview night, where people were treated to a staggering amount of advertisement, along with some cool statues and installations.

I scoured many of the preview coverage pieces out there and pulled out the stuff I thought was particularly cool. Make sure to check out each site’s full report if you find anything especially interesting.


The Hobbit + WETA

FSR spent some time with WETA’s display of some impressive Trolls from this winter’s The Hobbit. There’s also what looks like a Dwarven statue and some weapons you can check out.


The guys at /Film ran across a booth slyly promoting Neil Blopkamp’s new Matt Damon-starring scifi flick Elysium. The film is about a future in which society has more sharply drawn economic lines between classes, as the super rich live on a orbiting space station while the poor rough it out on the blasted surface of Earth. The booth in this case was a border patrol type deal.

The booth at Comic Con contained a bunch of photos of what your home on Elysium could look like, and flyers full of sales information. The flyer points to a website, itsbetterupthere.com, which allows you to apply to become a citizen of Elysium.

Iron Man 3 + Indian Jones Snakes

Joblo and co. got a snap of the expected Iron Man 3 display, which housed the gallery of Mach suits featured in the film’s first promo still. They also dropped by the Indiana Jones display, which managed some real buzz with its pit of live snakes

The Dark Knight Rises at Mondo

Mondo will apparently be debuting a ton of new posters at the show this year, with one of their biggest being a screenprint for The Dark Knight Rises from Jock. The print will go on sale today at the Con- I wouldn’t expect any to be left that they don’t hold back for a flash online sale that will frustrate thousands some day soon.

It’s a pretty poster for sure, though I must say I sigh with relief whenever Mondo puts out a poster that doesn’t immediately give me an erection. Saves a lot of disappointment.

There will surely be tons more stuff from Comic Con that we cover, so keep your eyes at CHUD for a little distillation of the overwhelming noise…