STUDIO: Entertainment One
MSRP: $14.98
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 57 minutes

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The Pitch

Get that rapscallion arsonist behind the Tonight Show fire back on the stage!

The Humans

Standup traditionally features just one comic, but Bobcat Goldthwait’s Michael Winslow impression is so convincing, you’ll swear you were watching a full cast, stage adaptation of Police Academy 4.

In case you forgot you who you were watching, here’s Bobcarl Goldfarth.

The Nutshell

Bobcat’s return to the stage may not be as successful as his turn from screeching comic to director, but what he lacks in confidence, he makes up for in enthusiasm and a couple strong laughs.

The Lowdown

When Bobcat Goldthwait made his return to the screen as director of the critically acclaimed, cult sensation World’s Greatest Dad, many were left scratching their heads as to whether or not this was the same paunchy, shrill voiced officer from Police Academy or the other guy in the world named Bobcat Goldthwait. Having heard nothing from the big mouthed actor for nearly twenty years, few could blame them. He seemingly left with 80s, ending his career on the high point of lighting Jay Leno’s couch on fire and, later, parodying it on The Larry Sander’s Show.

America’s populous wasn’t so lucky. Returning to the stage after a two decade absence, Bobcat’s 2012 standup special, You Don’t Look the Same Either, show’s an older, balder, bespectacled Bobcat at anything but the top of his game. His shaky delivery and apparent nervousness throughout causes the 48-year-old comedian to miss more punchlines than he should. Regardless, his work, still as biting and non-apologetic as ever, shows the aging comic as someone who’s energy, excitement, and sheer love for his craft triumphs over his rustiness.


Bobcat barely understands the basic premise of standup these days.

A lot of Bobcat’s strength lies in his charms. Disarming enough to come off as a regular guy and self-aware enough to get how the world views him, Goldthwait tears himself a new one. You Don’t Look the Same Either — a jab at life after Police Academy and hairshows the comic working out kinks in his act and life. He waxes about fatherhood, Hollywood, and the special olympics to mixed results, cutting himself off all too frequently to remind us that “This is a true story.” Yet, he’s so obviously not used to performing that it’s hard to fault him when he stumbles.

The product of a possible mid-life crisis, You Don’t Look the Same Either rarely finds footing between Bobcat’s former and current self. His dark take on American life, shown more interestingly in his movies, comes out through mixed impressions of his time in the spotlight and crotchety ranting. Not surprisingly, it’s when he avoids both that his true voice rings clear and makes with yucks.

The longer the show goes on, the more it looks like a faith healing seminar.

You Don’t Look the Same Either shows a new Bobcat up to some old tricks. The comic is funny, energetic, and filled with life, making for a fast moving show that only seems to drag when he’s giving the audience what he thinks they want. People may remember him as the annoying guy from just about everything, but what we need is a sure-footed comic director who’s just as good on stage as behind the camera.

The Package

Aside from about 10,000 trailers for other comedy DVDs, this one doesn’t come with any special features. Oh, it also comes with a box, y’know, to hold the DVD.


See what I mean?


Out of a Possible 5 Stars