The history of Don Murphy and CHUD could fill several articles and more, but suffice it to say that we’ve had a long running association with the guy, and he’s championed a whole farkin’ lot of genre material and big-budget mayhem on the bigscreen (e.g. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Transformers, the upcoming cool-as-hell-looking Paul Giamatti/Clive Owen actioner Shoot ‘Em Up) as a producer through his Angry Films banner. His latest project also involves Clive Owen, but not directly. You see, Owen made a series of films for the BBC between the time when Croupier came out and when he started making the infamous BMW shorts directed by a who’s who of badass lensmen. The films were all under the title Second Sight and Owen played the character of Ross Tanner, a detective who must solve crimes while adapting to his steadily decaying vision. Amazingly, they managed to stretch this premise into four TV movies before the character succumbed to the overwhelming evil that is…Lasik. Well, maybe.

Now, Universal wants to adapt the series for theaters, and they’re doing it with the help of Don Murphy’s Angry Films banner. Despite Owen working with Murphy on Shoot ‘Em Up, he’s not attached to the US version as of yet due to a pretty jam-packed shooting schedule. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be down the line. I think it’s actually a pretty decent concept full of potential, assuming that there will be no Evanescence-scored training scenes or cutlery battles against bald-headed, scenery-chewing Irishmen. Hopefully, they’ll be able to hold for a clearing in Clive’s schedule, but if not, I think Nathan Fillion might have a few free days in between prematurely-cancelled TV shows and he’s due for some big screen (or any screen, for that matter) success. You want to guarantee geek interest in this, Don? There you go.