It’s been a whole year since we first heard talk of a 4th season of everyone’s favorite cancelled sitcom. And while chatter of a film may have subsided, this Arrested Development revival is finally fixing to get underway. Thanks to some tweets from two gentlemen who would know (actor Jason Bateman and narrator Ron Howard) it appears that this new season is still moving full steam ahead. Will we finally be reunited with Dr. Tobias Fünke? Why, I blue myself at the very thought of it*:

Everything about Netflix’s involvement (they’re releasing the entire season on Instant in early 2013) feels right so far. But I have fond memories of this show that I’d prefer not to see sullied. It brings me no joy in reminding people that we’re about to endure an eleventh season of Family Guy – a show that enjoyed a decent first run only for the joke to wear out early into its revival. Not saying that will happen here, but no series in production will have bigger expectations (fair or unfair) than a fourth season of one of the funniest sitcoms of all time.

*There’s gotta be a better way to say that.

Source: Collider

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