Slender is a game that scared the shit out of me. I haven’t played something quite this terrifying since Silent Hill 2 back on the original Xbox. Nothing this generation has terrified to the point of dreading playing the game. It’s based on the popular Slender Man mythos that was forged in the bowels of the internet and has since taken on a life of its own. There’s even a brilliant “found footage” series based on the guy.

If you want a scary good time, check out the Reddit thread here, download the game (it’s free), turn the lights out, the sound up, and enjoy.

Even the crappiest of computers (like mine) can handle the game, and it only utilizes the mouse and arrow keys for movement. I never even found a single scrap of paper, Slender Man was on me after fifteen minutes of walking around a creepy forest. There are (based on the screenshots) more locales, but I haven’t been able to navigate out of the forest.

The game does a good job of reminding me what it was like walking around spooky places as a youngster, breaking into abandoned mental hospitals and houses with shady histories. They call is “urban exploring” now, but we called “making bad decisions”.


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