CerinaHorror has always been a place to find screaming girls who take their shirts off real good. Successful or not, horror girls are usually immortalized thanks to demise, humpin’ skill or just plain terrible acting. And thus, to the delight of many, they keep on coming thanks to the promise that anything in front of a lens is the perfect "stepping stone" to the big time. Of course, that’s left a trail of naked dismembered ladies whose stepping stones turned out to be big fat career-killing anchors.

So for every Jamie Lee Curtis, there’s a slew of Boobsy McNoname or Humpsy VanForgotten. And that’s ok. Everyone wants a crack at movies and if showing baby sustainers and screaming is your "shot" at getting in, well, ladies have it easy. It’s the breaking out that’s hard.

But why muse on those losers, I say. There’s definitely been plenty of successful actresses whose bodies were used to satisfy the oak climbing, binocular carrying, window peeping McFlys of the genre only to serve as sharp object repositories a few minutes later: Renee Zellweger, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston, etc.

And then there’s the gals in the middle– the ladies who are equally content to find limited fame and fortune in the long tail. USA Today has posted an article crowning a new batch of "Scream Queens"- the ladies who have embraced the horror genre with a busty squeeze and make no apologies about it. The winners? Zombie-lover Sheri Moon, way-too-early-to-call Jaimie Alexander, wolf-kisser Andrea Bogart, Buffy alum Mercedes McNab, Troma vet Tiffany Shepis and dog-bait Cerina Vincent.

I’d say that’s a shallow list and I’d bet hoots to machetes there’s far better lists to be devised by the sewer dwelling horror aficionados around here. For the full article, click here. To trump it, visit the message boards.