Special thanks to felix from The B-Action Thread for bringing this to my attention.

I’ve long held that The Expendables franchise is something that Golan and Globus (get outta here if you don’t know who they are!) with their Cannon Pictures company would have done. They also had some great movie posters such as the one for The Delta Force. One that was only used for the VHS release, and now even though we have a Blu-ray (and that Blu-ray looks awesome), it’s just good ol’ Carlos on the cover, and not the original movie poster art.

This seems to be an official poster for The Expendables 2, and if it is, it’s PERFECT, and evokes the 80’s crazy action theme that the franchise is all about. It’s so busy and I want it on my wall. I just wish that JEAN VILAIN and GUNNAR were featured larger, and the magnificent Scott Adkins seems to have been stiffed out again by not being featured on the poster.

The Expendables 2 will blaze into cinemas on August 17th and will chew up the competition and spit it out. After ridding it with bullets and doing a spin kick to its face.

source: herocomplex.latimes