How about a late Friday pick-me-up? Trailers of various sizes have hit for Run, Fatboy, Run, Picturehouse’s upcoming comedy starring Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran. (He played David in Shaun of the Dead, you forgetful stoners.) And before you complain that there’s no HD version of the trailer, might want to watch it first…those are some really short shorts Pegg is wearing, and I don’t know how much HD mooseknuckle I can take before the weekend starts.

I do love that Siouxsie and the Banshees shirt he’s rocking, though.

The film is about a dumbass who leaves his fiancee on their wedding day, but realizes a decade later that she was truly the one. To win her back, he decides to prove his manliness by winning a marathon, something his potato sack frame isn’t exactly qualified for.

Of course, this teaser doesn’t tell you any of that. It’s almost pure physical comedy with pratfalls, egg drinking and pathetic sparring, and manages to disregard the fact that even a pre-Hot Fuzz Pegg looks like he could kick any marathon in the throat. It’s no surprise that the gags chosen here make the film look like a direct cousin of Shaun, from Pegg’s demeanor to the London setting. Let’s just hope this isn’t all the jokes; Picturehouse obviously wants to trade on the immense amount of goodwill Pegg has with audiences based on Shaun alone.

That the film is David Schwimmer’s (theatrical) directorial debut shouldn’t freak you out too much, because it was written by Michael Ian Black and also stars hank Azaria and Thandie Newton who, despite a number of high profile projects recently, I still assume should be gracing the back of cinematic milk cartons.

Check out the trailer here!