you’re a young, beautiful actress and you’re not being rumored as the next Bond girl, fire your agent. Just like with Casino Royale, it feels as though someone is going through IMDB and just bringing up the names of actresses as possible leads in the next, still untitled, Bond movie.

One name that has now popped up has me intrigued – it’s Carice van Houten, who was incredible in Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book. Van Houten has not just impressive acting chops but also movie star glamour, beauty and charisma. Plus, she comes across as tough and self-possessed, an excellent foil for this new, more human, Bond.

Obviously it’s all Oh Don Piano stuff at this point, but who knows? Maybe Barbara Broccoli will read the rumors and realize what terrific casting this would be. And maybe it’ll get more people to check out Black Book, a legitimately great film.