With Mad Men and Game Of Thrones behind us for the year, people are looking ahead to the next fix of cinema-caliber television (an increasingly backwards superlative) and though Breaking Bad is obviously up first, I can’t help but be most excited by the return of Boardwalk Empire. When will that return be?

September 16th, 9:00pm.

As those that are up-to-date with the series know, this will be a key season for the show, and one that determines its sustainability as a longer series. Having made such a drastic decision to clip a major character so quickly (and one that was built so deeply into the key dynamic), the show will now need to readjust its balance and many storyline are going to have to really step up. Creator Terence Winter promises exactly that in the “Invitation to the Set” video below.

As always, I’m just hoping for more Rothstein.

Also, fans of Treme can look forward to that show returning on the 23rd of that same month.