ChokeyMy interest in Star Wars has waned to the point of Star Trek, (yeah, I said it- what!) but damned if I don’t revisit the universe that George built and blew up when anything Star Wars-ey rolls into town, so this week has seen more Star Wars on my computer than the past two years combined. I guess it’s this whole bit about a 30th anniversary or something?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences screened Star Wars (don’t get cheeky- I know it’s Episode IV/New Hope/whatever, but I don’t care about nothin’!) last week as part of its "Great To Be Nominated" series, which is the booby prize for all the suckers who racked up the Oscar nominations but got busted straight in the chops when it came to Best Picture. "We’re sorry we punked you in the 70’s, everybody. It was great to be nominated, though, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?"

Either way, before the 30th anniversary screening last week, the Star Wars-is-now-in satire-mode Team threw together a little gag playing on the whole cell phone in movie theaters quandary. This has been on the internet for the crappier part of a good week, which is, like, 2.5 internet years, but if you missed it or don’t frequent Star, you can view it here and live vicariously through Vader as he chokes the pork ‘n’ beans out of a comedian/actor I recognize but am too inept to name.