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Verotika: Glenn Danzig’s Horror Comic Film Homage, releases first stills

verotika, glenn danzig

slowly turning into one of his own comic book characters, Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig was one of the high profile pioneers of adult themed comics and graphic novels in the 90s. He fearlessly paved new ground in the pop horror culture with his widely banned Verotik Comics brand. Sitting at a weird nexus of serious adult themes in the newly recognized Graphic Novel genre, a ubiquitous anime/manga presence in the hipster scene of the 90s and the burning embers of the Goth Metal movement, Verotik managed to create transgressive new content. Tragically, the label is widely overlooked today for its contributions. Verotik was founded in ’94. A combination of the words “violence” and “erotic,” the company grew out of his lifelong love of comic books and dark arts.

He worked with a string of famous visual artists whose works are literally legendary. Frank Frazetta, Go Nogai,and Simon Bisley (known as Biz) all worked on various titles within the Verotik stables. The film, which is Danzig’s first directorial venture, features story vignettes from his masthead title: Verotika. In recent days, he has shared stills from his comics inspired film and directorial debut, via the facebook post above.  Verotika

The photos depict a trio of scenes, (from the three stories in the anthology film)

The top photo is a barebreasted woman shot from behind staring at her reflection in a mirror, the second looks like an homage to the famous woman and her demon lover from Coleridge’s Kubla Khan, and the the third one is a two woman photo featuring a blade and a spiked crown that might have been pulled directly from a hammer film from the 1970s. Of course, no one really knows which of the Verotika stories will be featured in the film yet, but it looks like we can rule out the boundary crossing Prince and Michael Jackson send up and the popular Grub Girl character (She’s already got her own (porno) film… 

In an interview with Revolver Danzig did explain why he is directing. “I’m finally getting to direct my own movie and no one’s going to tell me how to do it. It’s one of the reasons I’m doing it with [CEO] Brian Perera and Cleopatra Records,” he explains. “He’s like, ‘I want you to have your vision.’ Who’s going to tell you that? I’ve had so many meetings with places that are just going to step all over my movie and then people are going to judge me and it’s not even my movie. So I’m pretty happy.” 

Danzig also let his fans know that whatever the end result is, it will reflect his established sex and violence by way of Gothic creepitude sensibilities. There will be: “a lot of the stuff I love … shadowy stuff, gore and all of it.” He added, “I’m not doing anything other than an R movie. I like boobs and blood.” Fittingly then, the cast includes adult film star Kayden Kross in a prominent role. 

Verotika has already inspired one film, the pornographic 2006 movie Grub Girl about a zombie sex worker who uses her newfound undead status to exact revenge on her abusive pimp.