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February 13, 2019
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February 14, 2019

Tuck Me In: Horror Shorts

tuck me in

Tuck Me In: A horror video short review

Directed by Ignacio F. Rodo

The Story: Bedtime. A son asks his father to look under the bed for monsters. What could go wrong?

The Rundown: You got me. Ha ha ha. Ignacio F. Rodo, you got me. Dear readers, this short is less than a minute long and I actually covered my eyes because I was so scared at what I was about to see. I’m a little embarrassed actually because this suckered me in with that which is truly scary: bad child actors.

Oh, Luka Schardan, four years have passed since the film was made to the writing of this review, which means you’re still a kid. I wish you well. I wish you good health and success at whatever you do. I hope that you grow up and make movies or do whatever it is you want to do. You may even become an awesome actor, director, politician, public servant, religious leader. I also keep in mind that being a child actor is tough. Maybe tougher than being a grown up actor.

That being said, the dialogue sounds like it was filtered through a tin can filled with marbles. The general production design, directing, lighting, acting…it’s all passable. Nothing stands out. Not bad. Not great. It’s just there.

Then…”Would you look under my bed?” happens.

What I experienced was genuinely one of the scariest, most shocking moments I think I’ve ever been fortunate enough to experience.

There are emotional slivers in the films that we watch. The good ones, the bad ones. They all have them and that is what “Tuck Me In” is built around a moment that, when revealed, answers a simple question (what’s under the bed?) that gives birth to a thousand other questions. In retrospect, trying to examine the moment of shock I had is somewhat challenging because it’s so layered. If this were the beginning minute of a larger film, there’s a million different ways to go with it. It’s an opening with a universal adapter.

This is the terror that comes before the horror.

Mind kinda blown.

What movie should I watch after this? “Funny Games,” “Goodnight Mommy”



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