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December 13, 2018
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So Many Excorcisms, So Little Time: ‘The Possession of Hannah Grace’ review

The Posession of Hannah Grace

I will start off this review by saying that watching cliched, bad horror movies is a guilty pleasure of mine. It has been since I was in middle school. We are entering December and it is the holiday season and I figured it was time to check out one more horror movie for the year. I chose The Possession of Hannah Grace. 

This is the latest film in the exorcism horror sub-genre which focuses on a young girl who is possessed by a demon or evil spirit. I will give this film credit for the fact that it tries a different take on the exorcism genre. This film doesn’t follow the typical pattern of showing the origin story of the girl and how she eventually becomes possessed and the resolution. This film starts right off with Hannah Grace (Kirby Johnson) undergoing yet another exorcism to try and release her from her possession. This exorcism goes horribly wrong and leads to her father (Louis Herthum) deciding to end her life and remove the evil inside his daughter.

Three months later, a former cop who is recovering from PTSD and addiction Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) takes the graveyard shift at a hospital morgue to try and stay focused and help her recovery. The job seems simple enough but naturally creepy things start happening and on her second night, the mutilated body of Hannah Grace arrives. Megan quickly starts to realize that something is not right and after some research, she thinks that whatever is possessing Hannah is real.

I enjoy the style of this film and the very dark tone that this film had from the beginning. I had high hopes for the film but I was disappointed about halfway through when I was starting to predict the outcome. The last two exorcism films I have seen were The Last Exorcismand The Nun.I enjoyed both of those films more than this one. This film had potential but really it just seemed like your typical exorcism film. I did appreciate the opening that it took a different approach by trying to show what would happened after the exorcism rather than the events leading up to the girl being possessed.

I will say that the effects and the costume designs were excellent as the corpse of Hannah Grace was pretty disturbing and difficult to look it during several points. I also thought Kirby Johnson’s performance was good as she was genuinely creepy. The film did have your typical amount of jump scares and creepy music. It does have its fair share of gore and I will say for an R-rated horror movie, not much profanity at all. I will say that this film did make me confident that I would never want to work in a hospital morgue in any capacity.

Overall, I would say that The Possession of Hannah Graceis a decent horror movie. It wasn’t a good movie. It wasn’t a bad movie. It was an average horror movie that would be perfect to watch if you enjoy typical, cliched horror films on a rainy day with not much to do. I don’t think you will be totally disappointed, I also don’t think this is a film that you will find memorable or deserving of multiple viewings.

The Possession of Hannah Gracegrade: C-