Full Moon Fever: Day 22
October 22, 2015
Full Moon Fever: Day 23
October 23, 2015

The CHUD Show #115 – After the Bread

Instead of just bumping the one article for the CHUD Podcast, I’m going to give each installment their own so that we can build this thing up a little better and keep it fresh. Of course fresh isn’t exactly on the menu with these shows due to the meandering craziness of them, but you get my drift.


#115 – After the Bread

Discussions include: Nick and Justin ramble for a long time about many things, including The Last Witch Hunter, Star Wars, and of course… Terminal Velocity. And after an hour plus on nonsense they find a way to freshen the concept of what this podcast should be.

Participants include: Nick Nunziata. Justin Waddell.



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