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March 9, 2019

Synthetic DNA and the Literally Unknown Possibilities of an Expanded Genetic Alphabet. Full Steam Ahead

synthetic dna

Synthetic DNA?

Consider this TED Talk:

In this, one of the world’s leading researchers into variant genomics talks about having created two entirely new coding factors that can be inserted into organic life, and irrevocably passed down through all succeeding generations. Amino acids named X and Y join A, C, G and T as possible combinations in the recombinant dna game.

Right now the research is in pursuit of the production of new and exotic proteins—whatever might show up, basically.

There is a theoretical failsafe protocol–which has not been, nor can it be, fully tested in place (the idea is to starve the mutant dna of the nutrients it needs to produce the two extra amino acids)

Keeping in mind that ALL organic life, throughout the billion year history of it here on earth, everything from T Rex, to E Coli to Grey Whales, koala bears and Sequoias has sprung from only four amino acids on the chromosome chain. We are just kind of exponentially adding 50% more amino acids and trillions more possibilities. None of which we can anticipate.

What could go wrong?

Anyways, knock yourself out on this TEDTalk and let us know what you think