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Napster’s Sean Parker Disses Elon Musk and his A.I. Nightmares: Gene Editing is Coming for us first

sean parker

Perennial candidate for the almost shady guy that you would definitely trust to set up a night of drinking, drugs and shockingly hipster behavior (and Napster co-founder) Sean Parker rebuked Paypal founder Elon Musk’s loudly shouted fears of all-powerful artificial intelligence (AI).

Sean was attending a summit in Abu Dhabi,

And lets face it, despite the Napster shutdown, the bro intensive personality and the reputation for hype, he was also an early Facebook investor.  Justin Timberlake played him in “The Social Network” And while the quote from the film “A  million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?  A billion dollars.” is probably apocryphal, it does sum up his ability to get to the point.

Of course, he has grown up a bit since then, at least enough to merit a feature spot on NBC’s Dateline.

The story is about Parker’s funding of human gene editing to cure cancer using CRISPR Technology.

So he knows from Gene Editing.

He was making the case that biotech and gene editing were poised to revolutionize medicine.  But he went a chilling step further:

Don’t worry about alien intelligence and death robots, he argued: Biotech and human gene editing are more immediately posed to upend the social and economic order.

“Way too many people are listening to our friend Elon Musk with his comic-book dystopian vision of artificial super intelligence that takes over the Earth and enslaves humanity,” he was quoted saying in The National. “I don’t think that’s where we should be concerned. The debate about gene editing is the one debate we are not having.”

“There is a huge amount of capital there looking for opportunities” he said according to The National. “This is the biggest unreported story,” —along with “the advent of gene editing.”

So whats going on in biotech and human gene editing thats a bigger threat than death robots and artificial lintelligence?

“This is a revolution that will touch all parts of medicine and being lower prices,” Parker said. “Competition and more drugs coming to market will mean lower prices. Diseases will be addressed by a new generation of bio-tech companies.”

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