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May 9, 2011
May 9, 2011

Meet Spider-Man’s Dr. Curt Conners

And his amazing green-screen mitten.

I must admit that as time goes by I find myself becoming increasingly interested in the Spider Man reboot. Maybe it’s because I really enjoyed the teen-centric Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and TV’s shockingly solid The Spectacular Spider-Man series. Maybe I’m just happy to be done with Kirsten Dunst. Whatever the case, my initial “What’s the damn point” reaction has ebbed out to sea, and now I find myself back to the mindset I’ve had since the early 90’s when James Cameron’s Spider-Man was first rumored. That mindset is just wanting a Spider-Man movie. Or in this case, another Spider-Man movie.

I’m not big for candid/secret on-set photos, because they inevitably always make the film seem crappy. But I know some of you sexy cats dig ’em, and Coming Soon has a handful of new set pics. The most notable is our first good look at Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors – he of the missing arm and Lizardy disposition – which is significantly better than our previous glimpse of (supposedly) Ifans in his Lizard make-up. This thing…

Below the new pic of Ifans and his green hand-sock is also (supposedly) Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben — he’s the little tiny white-haired spec with the brown jacket. For some more pics of actors standing around looking bored, follow the Coming Soon link.