May 24, 2008
May 25, 2008

Like a Fox… Hit by Oncoming Traffic

I sent “Fight Club” around produce once (I worked there before I went off to college). That was a bad experience. Seeing as I enjoy the movie on a large scale, everyone’s ‘meh’ attitude got me down. It took two people multiple sittings to finish the movie. My coworker who thinks “Milk Money” is the best thing to come off the big screen was none too impressed by “Fight Club”; did not see that coming. Anyway, that whole event kind of depressed me. I have since gotten over it (14,000 dollars worth of therapy later…). That will hopefully be the last time I talk about “Fight Club”, unless something interesting happens in or around the vicinity of “Fight Club”. Example: I am currently reading Choke, which is a book by the same author as Fight Club (see how I changed up the quotations/underlining). Of course, I’m reading it only so when the movie rolls around I can say, “yeah, the movie was good, but I liked the book better” and then get punched in the larynx. By the way, here’s the first of a few clips found on youtube from the movie: http://youtube.com/watch?v=A_bUZIWinLE There you have it, I started this piece about potatoes and ended it with a clip from “Choke” (is that right or am I using quotes when I should be using underlines? Does it matter? Are you allowed to have more than one sentence in-between parentheses?). Isn’t it cool when you think something is going one way but then it goes in a completely different direction? Like a fox hit by oncoming traffic.