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Kissinger Says that Artificial Intelligence Arms Control Might be Impossible.


Henry Kissinger, the villainized architect of the Post War World Order and the august former Secretary of State has serious misgivings about Artificial Intelligence….especially the escalating  race between world powers to get the edge on this technology.

KissingER is the polarizing giant of American foreign policy, and whatever else might be said about him, successfully navigated the terrifying waters of the Nuclear Arms Race between the US and the USSR.

At an event sponsored by MIT, Kissinger made it clear that he believes it might be far harder to reign in the development of AI weapons than nuclear ones.

Kissinger warned that developing weaponized AI will bring unanticipated risks. In particular, he worries that the AI weapons could be harder to control than nukes because development of the technology will happen in secret: “With AI, the other side’s ignorance is one of your best weapons—sharing will be much more difficult.”

We are left to wonder what was shared back in the day between the atomic powers, but his point is cogent.

Henry is— by far, not the only one.

A very robust list of academics, industry researchers, and tech titans have backed a campaign to ban the use of autonomous weapons (drones). Which is different from AI, but related—a fact mentioned all through the Stop Killer Robots literature.

Kissinger has been expressing a lot of indigestion on the subject of AI recently—-including writing a worrying article in the Atlantic to the effect that AI could change the nature of our  knowledge and process of discovery that will ultimately harm humanity (“How the Enlightenment Ends”).

“By mastering certain competencies more rapidly and definitively than humans, [AI] could over time diminish human competence and the human condition itself as it turns it into data,” Kissinger wrote. “Philosophically, intellectually—in every way—human society is unprepared for the rise of artificial intelligence.

Plus, dont forget. There is the real possibility that whilst governments pursue their self interests in developing the technology, the technology has the possibility of pursuing its own interests unbeknownst to the powers.