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Good Omens. Neil Gaimain and Terry Pratchett Novel comes to Amazon Prime

Good Omens

American Gods has been one of the surprising powerhouses of Amazon Prime, catapulting Neil Gaiman from edgy creative force to bona fide American Cultural touchstone.

Gailman was one of the writers who led the entrance of comic books into the mainstream adult world of graphical novels in the 90s.

Prolific and interesting, Gaiman has characterized his American Gods story as an homage to American satirist, Thorne Smith.

Amazon is taking advantage of the deep well of concepts from Universe Gaiman. and they have picked up one of his collaborations with Terry Pratchett; Good Omens.

And they have dropped a new trailer for the upcoming series.

Good Omens is a bit of a tongue in cheek story about preventing The Apocalypse.

Which: Aren’t all of our stories?

A demon and angel are forced to collaborate to do so.

It premiers on Amazon Prime, May 31.

Good Omens stars David Tennant as the diabolical Crowley and Michael Sheen as the angelic Aziraphale.

In the trailer, we see that Michael Sheen is still firmly on the self caricaturization path that he ingloriously established when cast as Aro the leader of the Voltari in the omfg Twilight Series (Oh Stephenie Meyer,  how will you ever explain yourself to posterity?) The kind of character that just screams he will at some point be required to appear in yet another doomed attempt to bring Alice in Wonderland to life.

But don’t be dismayed.

Jon Hamm, Michael McKean, Miranda Richardson, Sam Taylor Buck (as the young Antichrist, Adam Young) round out the cast, with Benedict Cumberbatch typecast as Satan himself.

Neil Gaiman seems to have a future at the streaming network as he signed an exclusive deal with Amazon Studios last year, giving Amazon first refusal on any television adaptations of his work.

Is it too much to hope for a televise version of Teknophage?