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August 30, 2013
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August 31, 2013

FAST & FURIOUS Crew May Have To Deal With Stuntman Mike

852e959afaa0db0d7b23cf796d0bf709Not a lot of meat on these bones, but there’s some happy news coming out of the Fast & Furious franchise today…

You’re likely aware that a well-known action star is going to be taking the villainous center stage in the James Wan-directed 7th film, as setup by a mid-credits stinger in this summers 6th entry. The producers have decided to continue that pattern, and it’s been said that just such a setup would be put in place for the next next villain.

Rumors were floating that Denzel Washington was offered and was willing to take said villain role, but ultimately didn’t feel he had the bandwidth for the actual shoot, as he’d be coming off another major shoot right before. Well now we know the name of the production’s next choice…

Kurt Russell.

Snake Plisken himself and Death Proof star, Russell would be a fabulous foil for Diesel, Johnson, and crew, and a nice change in villainous tone after their next adversary, I’d expect. I wasn’t as taken with Fast & Furious 6 as most franchise fans (it felt a little lifeless after 5 was so fun and bold), but I’m still a happy follower of the franchise, and I couldn’t be more pleased to hear this deal is close to being signed.

I wonder if it Russell would have a more substantial bit of setup in this upcoming film, or if it will become a routine to tease the villain with the mid-credits bit…


Source | Variety


Note: And props to CHUD expatriate Daniel Baldwin for stone-cold calling this as a great choice.