NOS4A2 Full Trailer Arrives (Nosferatu, Get it?)
April 16, 2019
Chinese Monkey Clones
Chinese Monkey Clones. Team Genetically Alters Macaque to make it Sleep Deprived, Depressed and Schizophrenic. Then They cloned it to make 5 identical copies.
April 29, 2019

End of Humanity? Five Really Legit Horrifying Ways Civilization Could End

End of Humanity

5. Techno Collapse

The ghoulish possibilities of a technological kill switch first started getting thought about as we approached the year 2000, and the Y2K hysteria broke out amongst the programming and systems analyst communities.

The potential chaos that would happen globally if communication technology failed is one of those unfolding horrors that slowly grabs you by the nostrils.

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First, more than half of all new information would disappear forever. More than 50% of all data, research, reports and records are only stored digitally. What it would do to legal contracts and billing would be enough to crash all global economies simultaneously.

Planes, trains and traffic would immediately become deadly. Even locks on many doors like prisons, mental hospitals, senior citizens centers and hospitals would freeze. Considering how many homes are now coordinated with NEST and similar smart home systems.

Hospitals would be disabled. Teenagers would have to stop looking at their phones. It would be outright chaos.

Highly successful computer virus? Acts of terrorism. Electro Magnetic Pulses from space?

One thing we can be sure of. It wouldnt be as orderly as the television show “Revolution”, which is based on this idea.