NOS4A2 Full Trailer Arrives (Nosferatu, Get it?)
April 16, 2019
Chinese Monkey Clones
Chinese Monkey Clones. Team Genetically Alters Macaque to make it Sleep Deprived, Depressed and Schizophrenic. Then They cloned it to make 5 identical copies.
April 29, 2019

End of Humanity? Five Really Legit Horrifying Ways Civilization Could End

End of Humanity

4. Robotics and the Internet of Things

So, yeah, killer robots. But the dangers of our automated (for now, not autonomous) buddies doesnt stop at flying death robots. Its also that we already trust them.

Its also possible that they will cause widespread economic chaos by eliminating 40% of all jobs within the next ten years. As one of the speakers in the next video says: “I dont think it would be responsible to just let the consequences rip, and then we find that large numbers of people are displaced and miserable and angry and well armed and we just figure ‘Well, let’s just see what happens'”.

Of course, Sci Fi, once again got to the party WAY early, has already plowed through a case of Old Milwaukee (Plus a whole lot of Shots with ‘Sandy’ that no one seems to want to mention) and has already asked you to hold their beer, but screw it:

However it might have turned out with either sci fi or its beer that you refused to hold for it,…. The Internet, dude.

The Internet. Sandy from down the street bailed on the internet’s shit, walked out with a bottle of grain alcohol and got a little ‘friendly’ with sci fi a couple of hours before you even got to the party.

So there’s that. The idea of remote-controlled, AI assisted death machines with the ability to fly, bore, creep, slither and clunk their way to the kill scene is a pretty horror-laden prospect. And its hard to tell who has the more bleak delivery. Science, Sci Fi or Internet Fear Goblins.  Which is its own kind of horror, isn’t it?