NOS4A2 Full Trailer Arrives (Nosferatu, Get it?)
April 16, 2019
Chinese Monkey Clones
Chinese Monkey Clones. Team Genetically Alters Macaque to make it Sleep Deprived, Depressed and Schizophrenic. Then They cloned it to make 5 identical copies.
April 29, 2019

End of Humanity? Five Really Legit Horrifying Ways Civilization Could End

End of Humanity

1. Bio Engineering

Oh. Where to start?

Maybe here.

Or Here:

Yeah, the video is kind of dry until you get to the middle part, where it gets creepy and a little horrifying. And yeah, its like from six years ago and what not, but we still bet its full of alarming stuff that you didnt realize was already happening, right?

For those of you who dont have the time for the academic paper or the video lecture, here’s the short version.

We are just cold making up new kinds of living things and animals.

Its like the entire witches grimoire of horrifying creatures and mythical beasts all at once — with a few new twists that didnt occur to the iron age storytellers who came up with some pretty good ones. Like bees with stings more poisonous than cobra bites. Or spiders big enough to kill and dismember targets. Or dogs with scorpion venom in their fangs that can smell out people with birth defects.

Or—killer bacteria that cause an outbreak of a zombie pandemic.

Or any number of nightmare inducing bullshit monsters that breed well in the wild. Think Jurassic World.

Or the Walking Dead.

The technology is way WAY further than you imagine. People are already talking about ‘uplifting‘ animals genetically. Think: Planet of the Apes.

Check out this great video summation from Now This Nerd.