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April 16, 2019
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End of Humanity? Five Really Legit Horrifying Ways Civilization Could End

End of Humanity

Humanity has always feared technology and new scientific advances. Sometimes in profound ways.

Like structural religious beliefs in which the Gods are enraged. Think about what happened to Prometheus when he gave humans the technology of fire. Or the outcomes of Lucifer when he cursed humanity with the knowledge of good and evil. Or even Pandora and her forbidden box of knowledge—including Hope.

But even with the reach of the viewable past, Electricity, Magnetism, Nuclear Radiation, all gave rise to Frankenstein, popular hysterias about EMFs, weird spiritualist claims about magnetic fields, and of course Godzilla and the plague of latex monsters arising out of Japan after the nuclear holocaust unleashed on its islands in WW2.

Video games were definitely the gateway to demonic realms according to the movies of a few decades ago, followed by radio, VHS, and— most recently— social media, the internet and all things digital.

We cant comment on the world killing effects of fire, a moral compass or hope, but it is safe to say that the world probably won’t end as a result of an electric shock gone awry, a demon summoned via magnetism, an errant radio broadcast, an inherently evil VHS tape or even something cooked up by facebook.

end of humanity

Nuclear War still seems like a legit world ender though.

It has inspired nearly 80 years of nightmares in horror fiction, historical reality and real life.

But the ranks of the Legit Final Death Sequences have been enlarged recently as weve wandered into realms of science and technology that were strictly science fiction just thirty years ago.

They are happening at a speed so fast that its creating a revolutionary divide between the generations. Already an entire generation is in the practice of trying not to confuse older people with how basic communication works in the modern world.

Here is our list of the five most likely candidates for killing us all in the most horrifying ways imaginable.

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