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Days Gone: Story Trailer for the Horror Game Arrives

Days Gone

Survival horror game: Days Gone has a brand new trailer, and we are here for it.

It follows Deacon St. John as he negotiates the options in a ‘Freaker infested” (think zombies, but less helpful) post apocalyptic America. (and YES, guys. LIKE ZOMBIES—honestly, its like listening to Vanilla Ice explaining how Ice Ice Baby was in no way the exact same base line as ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen and David Bowie) Anyways. Its a whole heaping spoonful of Terrible that Deacon is supposed to deal with. And thats just the bad guys.

The Terrible is not helped by the fact that the group of survivors he is travelling with leave a lot to be desired.

Like moral codes, loyalty, or not being capable of cannibalism.

Deacon (and therefore: you)  has to keep on his steel tipped toes in this ass kicking of a fight for survival.

Presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment, because PS4, obviously.

Days Gone is being developed by SIE Bend Studio and written and co-directed by John Garvin and Jeff Ross.

In addition to the regular game, a deluxe edition is set to be released which features a digital mini-artbook and original music.

For deviant collectors with way too little in life to focus on, a collectors edition will be released which features a statue, patches, pins, and more.

The game is slated for an April 26 debut only on PlayStation 4. This is pretty classic horror game play. Totally something that the guys in the office from “Cabin in the Woods” would be playing just before the world burned down.